Anatomy of a Good Pot: Secrets to Successful Pottery – Ryan Coppage, PhD




In The Anatomy of a Good Pot, Coppage explains how five components—openings, contour, elevation, visual cues, and balance—are the building blocks to refined, thoughtful pottery. In each chapter, Coppage goes through individual aesthetics building up to a full visual analysis of various works and voices in clay. Beautiful images of some of the finest work in contemporary ceramics are accompanied by detail shots with discussion focusing on individual design elements Coppage outlines throughout the book.


In addition to those detail shots, you’ll also find twelve Process Studies that demonstrate how the artists create their signature elements, as well as Artist Spotlight discussions expanding on the artists’ creative processes. And finally, Visual Success boxes discuss how the key design elements come together to make exceptional work.

While nothing can replace the hours that must be invested in honing one’s skills to gain mastery of ceramic materials, this book will give you a leg up on developing a strong aesthetic voice in clay.

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