Coyote Crystal Glaze, Crystal Lagoon *Richmond Only*


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The crystals in these glazes are achieved by a slow cooling cycle made possible the today’s electronically controlled kilns.  Slow cooling effectively lengthens the period of firing during which most crystals develop, resulting in more and larger crystals.

To slow cool a glaze, you must be firing in a kiln with a digital controller.  Coyote’s schedule is below:

Ramps 5
100/hr to 220
350/hr to 2000
150/hr to 2200 hold for 15 minutes
500/hr to 2150 hold for 15 minutes
125/hr to 1400The Constellation series of cone 5-6 glazes are designed to shine in all kinds of firings.  These glazes are unmatched for versatility, changing dramatically depending on how they are used.  Thickness, firing temperature, and especially cooling speed can affect these glazes in marvelous ways.

Crystal Lagoon is not dinnerware safe

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Weight 2 lbs