Spectrum Raised Accents – White


The Raised Accent colors are slip based colors (known as engobes) available in 2 ounce applicator pens for decorating on greenware or bisque. They create raised designs that will not flatten out when fired.

Cone 06-Cone 6

Fires Matte


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Before using the pen on your ceramic piece, first shake the pen vigorously and then test the flow by squeezing some of the slip out on a piece of paper. This should remove any air bubbles and establish a consistent flow of slip. If the slip has become too thick to flow properly, unscrew the black plastic cap and pour 2 or 3 drops of water into the bottle.

Clear glaze may be applied for a glossy finish.

If the tip becomes clogged, a paperclip should clear it out!

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Weight 1 lbs